Recipe: Nom Nom Paleo’s Cavolini Al Forno

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Photo: Henry Fong

Michelle Tam and Henry Fong want you to know that a paleo diet is not just meat. (Though they certainly do like meat.)

In adopting a food culture that draws not just on the pre-industrialization era, but on pre-agricultural eating habits, popular paleo blogger Tam and her husband Fong have come to value value fresh vegetables, lean proteins…and ghee. (See below to find out what’s the deal with ghee?!)

Paleo eaters generally eschew dairy (along with grains and legumes), but Tam and Fong and many others make an exception for ghee, because clarifying butter removes its milk solids. Tam says the result tastes rich and works beautifully in  a wide variety of high-temperature cooking adventures.

To make Cavolini Al Forno, the couple roasts Brussels sprouts in ghee, tosses them with a mustard vinaigrette, and serves the dish with sieved hard-boiled eggs and crumbled prosciutto chips.

More paleo talk coming this Saturday, when Tam and Fong appear on Good Food.