Recipe: Old Fashioned

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This week on Good Food we continue our summer cocktail coverage with Jason Schiffer, owner/bartender of 320 Main in Orange County. Jason tells us the origins of the Old Fashioned and explains how to make it.

He says, “There are different schools of thought on the method of preparation for Old Fashioneds. Many factors determine what method is best to use, we choose sugar syrup and stirring in a mixing glass to maximize the efficiency of our bar set up and ensure a consistent drink from the first sip to the last. Lately, I’ve been enjoying  my Old Fashioned cocktails with Barrel Aged Bols Genever (not a bourbon). Of course using a different base spirit can sometimes mean switching to more complimentary bitters, I like Bitter Truth’s Jerry Thomas bitters and Angostura in this application.”

Keep reading for his Old Fashioned recipe from 320 Main which uses Buffalo Trace Bourbon…