Recipe: SQIRL Cafe’s Green Garlic & Nettle Frittata with German Butterballs

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sqirl fritatta

This week at the market, Laura Avery happened upon a crew of chefs hovering around farmer Peter Schaner’s farmstand. Ria Wilson, Sous Chef at Sqirl Cafe, was there shopping for green garlic. She pairs the young garlic with German butterball potatoes, stinging nettles and herbs in the frittata now on offer at the cafe.

Owner Jessica Koslow was also hanging out at Schaner’s stand and (off the air) she effused with creative ideas for utilizing green garlic. Why not char them on the grill and top the young stalks with romesco, that nutty, red pepper-based sauce? Peter Schaner chimed in to remind us that unlike bulbs of garlic, green garlic can be used from root to tip.

Keep reading for a recipe for Sqirl’s Green Garlic & Nettle Frittata with German Butterballs and find out where they purchase each ingredient at the market…