Recipe: Whiskey Walnuts (For Your Next Ice Cream Sundae)

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Big Gay Ice Cream is the brainchild of Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff who decided in the summer of 2009 that it would be fun to have an ice cream truck. After two successful Big Gay Ice Cream pop-ups in Los Angeles, they are opening a brick and mortar in Downtown LA. Their debut cookbook reads like a yearbook, complete with handwritten testimonials from friends like chef Andy Ricker (“Dear D and B, I always hated it when kids called me “Soft Serve,” but when you two did it I knew it was meant with love! Stay Gay, Andy Ricker”).

Unlike most ice cream “cookbooks,” Big Gay Ice Cream: Saucy Stories and Frozen Treats: Going All the Way with Ice Cream, starts with the toppings, like this one for Whiskey Walnuts. Toss a handful of these over your favorite vanilla ice cream and you’ve got a semi-homemade grown up sundae.