Reintroducing the Piecast!

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Judge Ilan Hall samples entries at the 2012 Good Food Pie Contest. Photo by Caught in the Moment.

We’re bringing back the piecast. In honor of Pie-A-Day season at Good Food and our upcoming contest in September, here’s a special, bonus podcast all about pie.

In this month’s episode, Akasha Richmond of Akasha Restaurant in Culver City looks back at her years as Michael Jackson’s personal chef. He really loved banana cream pie. Cream pies are also Roxana Jullapat‘s favorite. She also likes cream cheese crust, which she recommends as something “you would have to be really bad at” to mess up. Nicole Mournian, who won last year’s Good Food Pie Contest, prefers an all-butter crust for pie beginners. And Bruce Aidells loves pastry dough with goat meat inside.

You’ll find a pie recipe every day this summer on the Good Food blog. Click here to enter YOUR delicious pie (or pies) in the 5th Annual Good Food Pie Contest. It’s happening Saturday, September 7 at LACMA.