Resourcefulness in the Kitchen

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Resourcefulness is something that can’t be taught.  Today so many kitchens are outfitted with an appliance for your every whim – egg cuber anyone? – we rarely find ourselves in a bind while cooking.


When I arrived at my mother’s house on Christmas day the turkey was in the oven.  An hour later, out it came with a giant safety pin holding it together.  “What is that?!”  I asked.  Nonchalantly she says, “Oh, it’s an old kilt pin.”  Right.  I’m not sure if it’s stranger that she has a kilt pin or that she used it to sew up the turkey, but her ingenuity inspired me to be more resourceful in my own kitchen.

I’d love to hear about your kitchen resourcefulness.  Leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite uncommon kitchen gadget.