Shockingly Delicious’ Fresh Raspberry Pie by Dorothy Reinhold

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This Fresh Raspberry Pie comes from Dorothy Reinhold, who publishes the food blog Shockingly Delicious. Last year she contributed a Fresh Blueberry Pie to our Pie-A-Day Blog, and Evan baked it and brought it to an interview at KNBC Channel 4 and declared it “a genius pie! So delicious…easy to make and so pretty.” You can see the video here.

I’ve been coasting on the laurels of that addictive Fresh Blueberry Pie for awhile now. Everyone loves it when I make it, and it’s always the hit at the dessert table. What’s not to like, with a ton of fresh blueberries bound up in a delicious purple jammy glue?

I wondered if I could duplicate the magic with raspberries, to celebrate that berry at the height of its season, nearly au naturel. A few variations in the ingredients, and voila, we have a Fresh Raspberry Pie! Again, the only thing baked here is the pie shell. (And I’m here to tell you that if making a pie shell scares you off, just buy one and carry on with it! Don’t let that fear get in the way of you making a delicious pie.)

This pie is magnificently magenta, chock full of fresh raspberries, with a lemon snap and a Chambord perfume.

Head over to Shockingly Delicious for the full post and recipe.