Sprouts, Hummus and Preserves

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Every week on Good Food, market manager Laura Avery gives us a report from the Santa Monica Farmers Market.  She also sends us pictures of what’s fresh:

blog121609 001Sprouts and Hummus from Sproutime/Foodology  at the Wednesday market.  Hummus comes in 6 flavors, including Black Bean, Smokey Desperado, Classic and Sunset, a three-flavor medley.  Sproutime’s sprouts, greens and hummus can be found at Whole Foods and Cooportunity

blog121609 002Onion sprouts from Sproutime/Foodology are spicy and concentrated.  Great for salads and sandwiches.

blog121609 004Gean Farm (Harry’s Berries) never sells day-old produce.  Instead it is canned, juiced or jarred to keep fresh-preserved goodness.  At many area markets.