Stacked Pies Whole Lemon Pie + Blueberry Strawberry Pie by The Peche

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This recipe comes to us from Karen & Chris Thornton, husband and wife curators of the fantastic foodie blog The Peche. The pie is their reworking, and stacking, of pie recipes from Melissa Clark and SassyRadish.

Never did we think we could bring any piece of pie information to Evan Kleiman that could make her speechless. She is, after all, our personal pie whisperer, compelling us to create Pie Month on our blog this past January, cranking out 15 pies in 31 days (it was no Summer of Pie like Evan did, but we tried our best).

So when we mentioned to her on Twitter that we had done a post about stacked pies, she seemed confused. When we explained that stacked pies meant taking a pie, crust and all, and placing it on top of another pie, and then a third pie, and a fourth if you felt so inclined, well…we think Evan may have used the word “inedible.”

Enter Jonathan Gold to the rescue, assuring Evan that it was a legendary Shaker invention. My wife’s family, from whom we got the tradition, weren’t Shakers. They were people of the North Carolina mountains. But the shared tradition is all about community, creating something new from the best that everyone has to offer. It’s pie as community building. And community never tasted so good.

For our stacked pies, we used two recipes that originated from Melissa Clark of the NY Times. Melissa’s crust is perfect, a sexy beast of butter (and occasionally duck fat). A whole lemon pie topped with a baked strawberry blueberry pie, fresh thyme running through it. If you have a shred of doubt about stacking pies, these two pies together will make you a believer.

Even Evan.

-Chris & Karen Thornton of The Pêche

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