Street Food Fest – Takin’ It to the Streets

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Laryl Garcia is a producer on Good Food:

Apparently the key ingredients to the sold-out LA Street Food Fest’s Summer Tasting Event are an elastic waistband and the ability to pace oneself.  I didn’t get the memo. This season’s event moved from downtown to the Rose Bowl, better to accommodate the hungry brethren.  Inspired bites from over 60 vendors ranged from a traditional gazpacho from Maggie’s Frittatas to Starry Kitchen’s crispy tofu balls hocked by Nguyen in his banana suit.  The Ice Cream Social featured watermelon & mint on a stick from Pop Art Popsicles and The Good Karma Truck’s popular cantaloupe sorbet. Here’s a sampling of other foods with street cred.

hotdogDogtown Dogs’ self-titled entry, an all beef dog with whole grain Dijon mustard and crisp fennel slaw with roasted red peppers.

smores woopie pieS’mores whoopie pie, white chocolate brownie cone and Neapolitan marshmallow served up by Whisk LA.

sweet potato and nutellaSweet potato with Nutella and peanut butter – Fresh Fries ode to a classic.

boba ballsNewcomer, The Mighty Boba Truck, won’t be gassing up until September but offered tasty curry spud balls and mighty concoctions.

Screen shot 2010-07-26 at 11.03.00 AMPlain and Simple Melts from perennial favorite, The Grilled Cheese Truck.

chocolate and pretzelsVintage Longboards Ice Cream started a Bar Fight with Ghirardelli chocolate, peanuts and pretzels.