Super Bowl Recipe: Parsnip and Carrot Chips

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Photo Credit: Jennifer Martiné.

The kale chip is so 2010. It’s time to update our non-potato chip repertoire with a new vegetable.

Enter Parsnip and Carrot Chips courtesy of Cynthia Nims, author of Salty Snacks: Make Your Own Chips, Crisps, Crackers, Pretzels, Dips, and Other Savory Bites published by Ten-Speed Press. Last weekend on Good Food Evan spoke to Nims about her Super Bowl recipe ideas. We all know that chips are a must for game watching, so this weekend when you shop the farmers market look out for larger carrots and parsnips to turn into a homemade alternative to Lay’s. (And we won’t judge if you reach for the retro kale too…adding kale chips to this duo sounds like a colorful and tasty addition. You just might want to cook them separately.)

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