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This week on the Market Report, Laura Avery speaks with Leticia Garcia of Garcia Farms about their tangelos.  Tangelos are a cross between a pomelo and a tangerine.  They are sweet, and are great for juicing.  Look for the pronounced nipple, or neck.  Here’s what the LA Times’ David Karp had to say about tangelos:

Minneola tangelos, one of the most distinctive and intensely flavored citrus varieties, now in prime season from Southern and Central California groves. The fruit is instantly recognizable by its knobby neck at the stem end and its fine, smooth, red-orange rind. The flesh is so tender and juicy that in Florida, where this juiciness is accentuated (and Minneolas often are called Honeybells), some marketers include a straw and a bib with their gift boxes.

Read his whole story, including a history of their origin here.  What’s your favorite kind of citrus?