Taste California’s coast with Santa Barbara veggies

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Chef Jason Paluska began his culinary career in Texas but after staging at a few restaurants in San Francisco, he saw the beauty in California’s lush produce and farms. When restaurateur Sherry Villanueva asked him to partner on a new restaurant in Santa Barbara, Paluska set his sights down the coast. He started working with fresh seafood and produce from California’s central coast and his style flourished.

Chef Paluska says it’s the microclimates of Santa Barbara that allow the region’s produce to sing all year round. The year-round availability of fresh vegetables and fruit have made The Lark a destination for California dining. His restaurant is at the heart of his new book, book is “Around the Table: Recipes and Stories from the Lark in Santa Barbara.”

Want a taste? Try Paluska’s delicious, seasonal salad featuring charred spring onions, romanesco, asparagus, pickled ramps, soft poached egg, and parmesan.