Teri Fox’s Winning Essay: The Story of Pie That Changed My Life

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I’m so happy that Teri Fox will be joining the judges to pick the winning pies at the Third Annual Good Food Pie Contest.  There were so many wonderful stories submitted, it was hard to choose, but Teri’s story won my heart.  I’d like to share it with you all today…

Gramma tripped, dropping her banana meringue pie on the top step of our back porch the summer I was seven.

I cried. Gramma cried.

Goldie, our dog, headed for the pie, but Uncle Jake grabbed the pit bull, shoving Goldie into the house. Aunt Velva (yes Velva) brought out four spoons. So Gramma, Uncle Jake, Aunt Velva and I ate our pie off the summer concrete, loving every bite.

Goldie licked off the last piece of banana we left her and all the remaining sweetness.

That family incident has lead to many years of remembering delicious shared pie.