Thanksgiving Aperitif: Persimmon Infused Dolin Blanc Vermouth

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Your two ingredient infusion for a seasonal Thanksgiving aperitif.

Matthew Biancaniello is well known in Los Angeles for his seasonal cocktails. His bar arsenal includes bottles of stinging nettle infused Pisco, tequila infused with seaweed and guavas and mushroom scented bourbon (for his Umami Milkshake  – a fun take on eggnog). His concoctions resemble plated dishes, which is why he prefers “cocktail chef” to bartender.

This Thanksgiving, he has come to our rescue with a farmers market infusion of Hachiya persimmons and Dolin Blanc vermouth. The preparation is simple – but the ingredients need a week to infuse, so start now! He recommends serving it chilled while you wait for the turkey to roast.

Biancaniello sources his Hachiya persimmons from JJ’s Lone Daughter Ranch. You can find them at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market and the Sunday Hollywood Farmers Market.