The Coachella of Grilled Cheese

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Our friends Alex Brown and Evan George, also known as The Hot Knives, will be participating in The Grilled Cheese Invitational (that’s tomorrow)where they hope to take home yet another trophy.  They will be grilling up melty cheese sandwiches from a truck… Their “iconic” choices:

Sandwich 1: “Band Camp”
Aged and bandaged cheddars and handmade apple butter
(think a warm, crusty slice of apple pie with a slice of white cheddar and salted caramel)

Sandwich 2: “Lemon Sunn”
Bloomy rind sheep’s milk cheese and lemon oil
(think rich, oozing ricotta semen with a lemon curd burst)

Sandwich 3: “White Light/White Heat”
Goat gouda and homemade kimchi
(a salty, spicy yin-yang, and a neccesary extention of the kimchi taco that leaves you asking, is it the cheese or the grilled kimchi that’s funky?)