The Fashionable Restaurant: Designing a Handsome Server Uniform

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When I go to a restaurant and see a beautiful woman in ill-fitting pants and a shiny tie it makes me sad.  The food may be ethereal, the wine transcendent, but if my server looks ridiculous I can’t help but feel that something is missing.

On a recent trip to Napa I had brunch at Redd, an excellent restaurant that fulfilled all my wishes from food to service to decor…right down to the uniforms which are designed by New York sensation Yeohlee Teng.  My server was even kind (or perhaps proud) enough to let me snap a photo.  It got me thinking, if I were to open a restaurant what would my servers wear?  It’s a heavier question than you might think…handsome enough to look good, but reserved enough to not distract.  What would your uniform look like?