The Most Interesting Things I Ate in Bogota

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As my 6 day trip to Bogota draws to a close, these are some of the most interesting things that I’ve had to eat here.

Pan de Yuca

Pan de Yuca – bread made with yuca flour, filled with cheese.  I found that many dishes in Bogota include with cheese.

Avena Avena – a sweet milk drink made with oats.


Frijoles – I photographed these at the large market in Bogota, where they have tremendous quantities of everything.  The beans are delicious, huge and flavorful.  The closest thing I’ve had in the U.S. are Rancho Gordo’s pinto beans.


Melecoton – This is an oblong fruit that is like a cross between a nectarine, a melon and an orange.  Sweet, tart and delicious.


Granadia – One of the many species of passion fruit you can find at Bogota markets.  Although, this one looks like an orange, it’s flavor is totally different.  It’s got those same passion fruit seeds that you can easily consume.  Even though it looks completely disgusting (like an alien), it’s quite sweet.  For more on the fruits of Colombia, check out this piece from Serious Eats.

Gelatina de PataGelatina de Pata – this is a gelatin dessert made from cow marrow and sweetened with panela.  If you can avoid thinking about what exactly it is you are eating, enjoy.  It’s kind of like a marshmallow.  Check out this video on how to make gelatina de pata.

Calentado: A hangover cure consisting of rice, meat, cheese, plantains, and beans, served with an arepa

Calentado – This is a common hangover cure.  Made at home, it usually consists of leftovers mixed together.  I had this dish at a great Bogota restaurant called Local, which specializes in authentic national cuisine.  It’s made with rice, beans, meat, and plantains all mixed together.