The New Mediterranean Jewish Table

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When we reached Joyce Goldstein to talk about her latest book “The New Mediterranean Jewish Table: Old World Recipes for the Modern Home,” she called herself a detective. “I like to know where food comes from, following the trail of a recipe from one country to the other,” Joyce told Evan. For the book, Joyce focused her sleuthing skills on dishes that are part of Sephardic, Maghrebi and Mizrahi culinary traditions. She shares a recipe for a dish popular for Passover in the Mediterranean: carciofata di Trieste.

Joyce says this is the ideal dish to serve at Passover, as it includes all of the vegetables of the holiday season. In the old days, the vegetables were cooked together in one pot because flavor was more important than texture and color. But today, they are more appealing when cooked separately until almost tender and still colorful and then combined and cooked through just before serving.