Think Pink: Why Rosé is the Perfect Wine (And Three Bottles You Should Try This Summer)

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It pairs with anything and everything, even asparagus and artichokes; so if you’re en route to a dinner party and don’t know what’s on the menu rosé is the no fail choice. Also, it’s affordable with really good bottles ranging from $10 to $20. Or, you can feel like a baller and splurge on the most expensive rosé in the store and still get change back from a $50 bill. This time of year Jill Bernheimer stocks roughly 40 unique bottles of rosé in her Melrose Avenue wine shop Domaine LA. This weekend on Good Food she provides some basics – where does the pink color come from anyway? – and in this outtake she shares her favorite 2012 rosés including a heartwarming story about the 2012 vintage from Chateau de Roquefort:

Here they are spelled out for you. You can purchase them online or better yet, in person at Domaine LA.

2012 Domaine de Reuilly Pinot Gris Rose

2012 Arnot-Roberts Luchsinger Vineyard Rose of Touriga Nacional & Tinta Cao

2012 Chateau de Roquefort “Grele” Rose

Rose isn’t typically aged (most of what’s available now is from 2012), but we can look forward to what Jill calls an “off beat” bottle from Spanish producer R. Lopez de Heredia in 2016. It’s an age-worthy rosado from Rioja and the 2008 vintage will be released in 2016.

And finally, if you’re counting your pennies, try the 2012 Francois Chidaine Touraine Rose. At just $13.50, Jill says this is an example of how reasonably priced roses can be, offering a chance to try a really great winemaker at the fraction of the prices of some of their other wines.

Domaine LA is hosting a rosé tasting this Sunday, July 21st from 2-5pm. Stop by to taste and take some home some pink stuff to enjoy.