This Labor Day, throw some brownies on the grill

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Valerie Gordon, the mastermind behind LA’s own Valerie Confections, loves to experiment. While traveling through Texas, Gordon fell in love with the rituals of Southern barbecue. She watched as large groups gathered around a grill, pulling off bits of meat to snack on while they talked. She began wanting to contribute her own expertise to the grilling world. But when she looked up BBQ-ready confections, all she found was grilled fruit. Not good enough , she thought. So, she began playing with cast iron skillets and Big Green Eggs (and of course, sugar!) and was wowed by what she ended up with: puffy, light clafoutis and smokey, gooey brownies.

Now she’s sharing her new favorite desserts with curious pitmasters. Try this brownie recipe on the grill this weekend!

If you are interested in learning how Valerie Gordon does it first-hand, she’ll be grilling up confections at BBQ Bootcamp , September 26 through 28.

P.S. A tip from Valerie: Try a heavy dose of salted French butter for these brownies for an irresistible taste and texture.