This Week on Good Food: Candy Corn, Fear of Food, The Magic Restroom Cafe

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Eric J. Lawrence and Evan Kleiman try to discern the “flavor” of candy corn. Samira Kawash calls herself the candy professor, and she talks about her book Candy: A Century of Panic and Pleasure that includes old fashioned candy advertisements. Harvey Levenstein is a professor emeritus of history at McMaster University in Canada and author of the book Fear of Food. Independent producer Gideon Brower braved a trip to the bathroom themed Magic Restroom Cafe in the City of Industry. Jonathan Gold visited Fishing with Dynamite, a shoebox sized seafood restaurant from Chef David LeFevre. Russ Parsons is the Food Editor of the LA Times. This week at the market he is shopping for brussels sprouts. Casi Richie works at Life’s a Choke farm, a family owned farm in Lompoc, CA. Stephen Leslie is the author of The New Horse-Powered Farm, a technical guide to using horse power instead of machinery on small farms. Valerie Gordon opened Valerie Confections with her partner Stan Weightman Jr. in 2004, and her new book Sweet is an enticing cookbook that celebrates all things sweet.