This Week on Good Food: Coffee Culture in Japan, The Freezer Cookbook, Sandor Katz

Written by
Evan and Sandor Katz in San Francisco.

Move over green tea, Japan has one of the largest coffee cultures in the world and as anthropologist Merry White reports, they take their caffeine very seriously. Coffee connoiseur Kevin Sinnott also takes his coffee seriously; he shares his tips for brewing the perfect cup of pour over coffee. Bars and individuals are reacting to anti-gay legislation in Russia by calling for a Stoli vodka boycott; KCRW’s All Things Considered host Steve Chiotakis looks into whether or not product boycotts are successful. Jonathan Gold reviews the new Peruvian restaurant Paiche and shares some details on the giant Amazonian fish the restaurant is named for. Fermentation guru Sandor Katz discusses fermented meat and fish. Plus, Chef Kory Stewart talks foraging and Ghillie James offers tips on utilizing your freezer. At the market, Laura Avery talks to Pernilla Carpenter about tomatoes and Steve Roberts says he is shopping for peak season produce for his Redondo Beach restaurant.