This Week on Good Food: Diet Fads, Seed Saving in the American South, 5 Second Rule

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Chef Celestino Drago has done it again. Jonathan Gold reviews his latest restaurant Osteria Drago located on the Sunset Strip. Writer Maria Balinska outlines the history of the bagel and Chef Mourad Lahlou warns us never to boil fresh couscous. Food scientist Harold McGee dissects the “five second rule” and etiquette maven Helena Echlin tells us when it’s appropriate to eat with your fingers. Have you ever heard of The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan? Wendy McClure recounts that and other 1970’s diet fads. Plus, South Carolina Chef Sean Brock discusses seed saving and rebuilding heirloom varieties of rice and grain in the American South and cookbook author Jeanne Kelly talks us through salad for dinner. At the market, Stefano De Lorenzo of La Botte is buying grapes to make raisins for his pasta dishes and Alex from Adams Olives Ranch says green olives are back at the market.