This Week on Good Food: Gail Simmons on Canadian Food, The Flavors of Trinidad, Soul Food

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Soul Food is deeply rooted in Southern black culture, but is it killing the African American community? Filmmaker Byron Hurt explores the relationship between Soul Food and health. Gail Simmons of Top Chef fame discusses the food of her native Canada and Tennessee-born Abby Maharaj explains how she came to know the flavors of Trinidad. Jonathan Gold returns to Rose Avenue’s restaurant row for a meal at Hostaria del Piccolo. Plus, Aarti Sequeira describes how birthdays are celebrated around the world and Dr. Scott Stringer spells out why we lose our taste buds as we get older. At the market Laura Avery talks to Monica Ford about the fennel root at Fairview Gardens’ farmstand and Chef Dan Mattern of Cooks County reminds us not to fear turnips.