This Week on Good Food: Hangover Cures, Porchetta, Gluten Free Holiday Baking

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If you or someone you know is gluten free, holiday baking can be tricky. Author Jeanne Sauvage offers tips for a gluten-free flour mix that will provide the same mouthfeel and satisfaction as traditional baked goods. Scientist Mitchell Moffit prescribes water, fruit juice and eggs to remedy a hangover. Chef Evan Funke rolls out his Porchetta Truck and Jonathan Gold finds corned beef at a new delicatessen in East Hollywood. LA Weekly restaurant critic Besha Rodell unearths forgotten menus from the LA Public Library archives. Plus, Bee Wilson reminds us that a wooden spoon is one of the best kitchen technologies and Drew Magary dissects some of the more ridiculous items for sale in the Williams Sonoma Catalogue. At the market Laura Avery talks to Chef Whitney Flood of the newly opened Muddy Leek and Farmer Jerry Rutiz discusses his favorite squash – Kabocha.