This Week on Good Food: LA’s Best Breakfast, Inside the Kellogg Factory, The Golden Spurtle

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Have you ever heard of a spurtle? It’s an implement used to make oatmeal and John Boa, winner of the 19th Annual Golden Spurtle Porridge Making Competition explains how it’s used. Russ Parsons of the LA Times prefers to consume his oats in his pancakes. Topher Ellis gives us a quick history in cereal and reporter David Segal offers an inside look at the Kellogg test kitchen and lays out the company’s marketing strategy. Jonathan Gold selects his favorite spots for breakfast in Los Angeles and author Anne Mendelson details the difference between buttermilk you find in stores and the good old fashioned stuff that was a byproduct of butter making. Plus, Kir Jensen of Seattle’s Sugar Cube food cart gives us a quick taste of what it’s like to bake pie in an teeny-tiny food cart.