This Week on Good Food: Marcus Samuelsson, Eating on the Expo Line, Edible Packaging

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Chef Marcus Samuelsson shares his extraordinary journey to becoming a professional chef. Summer corn is on Pastry Chefs Zoe Nathan and Shiho Yoshikawa’s summer menus in the form of Fresh Corn Cake and Corn Ice Cream and farmer Scott Peacock showcases his many varieties of eggplant at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Willy Blackmore takes us on an eating tour of the new Expo Line and Jonathan Gold reviews Maison Giraud in the Pacific Palisades. Researcher Ruthann Rudel tells us that plastic packaging is leaching into our foods and scientist David Edwards proposes a solution in the form of WikiCells – an edible packaging technology. Plus, food writer Lesley Balla talks about this year’s restaurant awards from Angeleno Magazine and baker extraordinaire Alice Medrich shares some tips for jazzing up a simple press in pie crust.