This Week on Good Food: Roy Choi on SPAM, Filipino Food in LA, Sushi Etiquette

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Photo: Andrea Bricco, Los Angeles Magazine May 2013

This week we explore the richness of LA’s dining scene. Marvin Gapultos shares some of his favorite Filipino dishes from his new cookbook The Adobo Road and Roy Choi discusses his unabashed love of SPAM. Los Angeles Magazine Dine Editor Lesley Barger Suter offers tips on sushi etiquette and where to find some of the best sushi in LA. Jonathan Gold enjoys a deconstructed eggplant parmesan at Riva Bella and Jason Neroni talks about his unique flavored pastas at Superba Snack Bar. Plus, LA Times writer Jessica Gelt takes a new social media ride sharing app for a spin during peak drinking hours. At the market, Laura Avery talks to Matt Strom about the apricots at Frog Hollow Farm and Amelia Saltsman is inspired by a 1911 recipe from the LA Times for a savory cherry salad.