This Week on Good Food: The Restaurant Show – Trois Mec Reservations, Kitchen Culture, Portland’s Smallest Restaurants

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Students from Tender Greens’ Sustainable Life Project on Re-Ride Ranch

What if restaurants started selling tickets rather than taking reservations? Krissy Lefebvre says that is exactly what the restaurant Trois Mec plans to do. Eater LA’s Daniela Galarza and Red Medicine co-owner Noah Ellis weigh in on the Red Medicine twitter scandal. Newcomer chi SPACCA wows Jonathan Gold. Psychologist Scott Haas paints a portrait of the back of the house and KCRW Producer Evan George profiles a new program from the chain Tender Greens to train foster kids for restaurant work. Longtime chef and restaurateur Michael Romano discusses the importance of family meal in restaurants. Plus, Good Food Producer Gillian Ferguson tags along with Portland food writers Karen Brooks and Teri Gelber for a culinary tour of Portland’s smallest restaurants. At the market Laura Avery chats with chef Miles Thompson about spring produce and Tommy Peltier discusses how global warming has affected the ladybug population.