Thumbs Up: Jonathan Gold dines at Long Xing Ji

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Got a craving for jumbo Wuxi-style soup dumplings that you have to slurp using a boba straw? Then it’s time for a trip to Long Xing Ji, located in San Gabriel’s Ranch 99 plaza. If the restaurant name sounds familiar, that’s because Long Xing Ji was formerly Wang Xing JiSame space, staff and cooks, new owner.

In addition to the giant crab-and-pork soup dumpling, Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer Jonathan Gold recommends the xiao long bao, which are regular-sized pork soup dumplings. As you make your way down Long Xing Ji’s menu of over 100 different items, look for foods marked with the ‘thumbs up’ icon. Then don’t forget to try Jonathan’s favorite dishes: the Wuxi-style cold smoked fish, the crispy candied eel and the sticky, sweet-and-savory spare ribs.

Recommendations: Try the large crab-and-pork soup bun, the juicy regular-sized pork soup dumplings, the Wuxi-style cold smoked fish, the deep-fried candied eel, the spare ribs, the beef noodle soup, the cold noodles in sesame sauce and the sautéed string beans.

Location: 140 West Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | (626) 307-1188

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2000 Long Xing Ji - Wuxi Smoked Fish
Jonathan says the Wuxi-style smoked fish will satisfy all your cold smoked fish cravings.
2000 Long Xing Ji - Stir-Fried Bean Seedlings
The secret to Chinese cooking: a well-seasoned wok.
2000 Long Xing Ji - House Spare Ribs
Wuxi-style spare ribs are famed throughout China for their chewy yet tender texture.
2000 Long Xing Ji - Crispy Eel
The strips of eel at Long Xing Ji are deep fried and tossed in a sweet soy sauce glaze. Thumbs up.