Under pressure: Try Melissa Clark’s coconut cheesecake

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All photos by Christopher Testani.

When the New York Times asked Melissa Clark to explore the world of electronic pressure cookers, she hadn’t cooked with one before. But the obsession with products like the Instant Pot had been growing and Clark knew it was just a matter of time before she would have to learn how to use them. She says Instant Pot users talked about the slow cooker as though it was a lover: “It was bordering on obsessive in this interesting way for me, aside from being a writer and a reporter. So, I bought an Instant Pot and started to play.” It was then that she came to understand the fervor surrounding the appliance.

Clark is no novice when it comes to dessert, however. With the Good Food Pie Contest less than two weeks away, she shares her secrets for expertly flaky pie crust and for creating visibly stunning lattice decoration.

Listen to the full interview above for all her tips. And be sure and try your hand at Melissa’s excellent coconut cheesecake recipe below, made with a pressure cooker.