Veggie Bot – The New Way To Play With Your Food

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What if playing with your food wasn’t such a bad thing after all?  Lee Bayless, inventor of Veggie Bots, believes that making vegetables fun will encourage more kids to eat them.  The Veggie Bot home kit includes a robot-shaped vegetable chopper that dices, slices and even pokes holes in vegetables like zuchinni, carrots and celery.  Kids can then assemble what amounts to a vegetable stick-figure before eating their concoction.  The Oklahoma comedian turned inventor is also packaging the pre-cut vegetable parts and marketing them as an alternative to happy meal toys.

Will Veggie Bots take off?  Who knows, but hailing from a state where both the shopping cart and the parking meter were invented, I’d say success is in the soil.

Check out the infomercial below for a sneak peak on how it works.