Video: How to Cold Smoke Pasta Noodles – Jason Neroni’s Smoked Bucatini Carbonara

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When you have a successful restaurant, inevitably there are dishes that you can’t ever take off the menu. Such is the case with the Smoked Bucatini Carbonara at Superba Snack Bar. Chef Jason Neroni cold smokes the fresh pasta over smoldering cherry wood chips. He then cooks it until just al dente and tops it with pancetta, parmesan, a perfectly poached egg and plenty of black pepper.  I’ve heard from several servers that addicts guests line up before brunch and order it at 10:30 in the morning when the restaurant opens. Evan and I found it tasted just as good at dinner time.

Watch how Neroni makes his dough, extrudes the hollow noodles and cold smokes the finishing product below.

Thanks to Deep End Diner Eddie Lin for the video.

Listen to Neroni talk to Evan Kleiman about the various flavored pastas on his menu below.