‘Water for Bison’ Campaign a Success

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bison grass

Last November, we brought attention to Lindner Bison‘s indiegogo campaign that was aimed at raising funds to restore the well on their 250 acre farm that was at risk of closure. After their well failed in April, their farm slowly deteriorated as the grasses that feed their bison dried up.

As of January 20th, Lindner Bison has surpassed their goal of $150,000 and raised $155,133 from a combination of funds from their indiegogo campaign as well as from donations mailed in from loyal customers. Funds from over 500 donors averaging $35 helped them reach their goal.

Lindner Bison is a bison farm run by Ken and Kathy Lindner located in Northern California. The farm specializes in grass-fed bison and they sell their products at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers’ Market and at the Sunday Hollywood Farmers’ Market.