We Had a Blast with the OC Weekly at the Crosby

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Thanks to everyone who came to The Crosby last night for a drink, maybe a pork-belly tostada, and lots of laughs.  The OC Weekly’s Gustavo Arellano and our own Evan Kleiman hosted a great night with some awesome giveaways.  We raffled off everything from hot sauce to cookbooks and KCRW pie contest t-shirts.  And macaroons.  I can’t forget the macaroons.  Please check out the OC Weekly’s blog “Stick a Fork in it” for some great photos.

Gustavo & Evan

In case you’re wondering about Evan’s “Edwina” name tag, here’s Gustavo’s explanation:

Food Critic Edwin Goei, of course, would never show up to a public event, so Dave, Shuji, and I decided to wear tags stating “Hello My Name is Edwin” (Vickie represented the ladies by calling herself Edwina). People got the joke and laughed; by the end of the night, more than a dozen people were Edwins.

And finally, in case anyone was wondering who the editor-in-chief of Reason magazine is, it’s Matt Welch.  (That was one of Gustavo’s esoteric trivia questions).