What to do with all those persimmons…

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This weekend on the market report Laura Avery interviews Chef Evan Funke. Funke is formerly of Rustic Canyon and his new restaurant Bucato (located in the former Beacon space at the Helms Bakery complex) is set to open before the new year. Today Funke was shopping for Hachiya persimmons. Instead of waiting for them to get completely ripe, Funke chops up the Hachiyas when they still have some tannic bitterness in the skin. He then browns butter in a pan, adds a few sage leaves and then tosses in the chopped persimmons. Once caramelized he tosses the persimmons with roasted chestnuts and serves the mixture over burrata with a drizzle of olive oil, sea salt and “maybe” a dash of saba.

When selecting your Hachiyas for this preparation, Funke says they should be soft but still have some resistance.