What To Serve at Your Lost Series Finale Party

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Juliet with a Grilled Cheese
Juliet with a Grilled Cheese

We’re big Lost fans here on Good Food.  Producer Bob Carlson is a devotee and I’ve been catching up on past seasons the last two months (I’m currently in the middle of season 5).  So, we’ve put together a menu for your upcoming Lost Series Finale party (May 23 at 9 pm).


Soda Crackers with Ranch Dressing (a la Hurley’s favorite Dharma condiment and a stale treat found by Sawyer)
Mango and Papaya

Main Courses

Fast-Food Chicken (again, following Hurley’s lead) – I suggest Koo Koo Roo
Grilled Fish (a Jin special)
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (what Juliet cooked for Jack when he was locked up)


Beer – preferably a generic brand (Trader Joe’s has a good generic canned beer)
Whiskey (an homage to Mr. Widmore, Desmond and Sawyer)
Water – from a plastic bottle or canteen
Merlot (Desmond again)


Apollo Candy Bars
Mango and papaya – I feel like fruit should be in every course, but appetizer and dessert will do

There’s obviously a lot more food to choose from (check out the Lostpedia page devoted to it), these are just my picks.  What are you going to serve?