What’s Fresh at the Farmers Market

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blog080410 002Ruby and Thompson seedless grapes are now in season at many farmers’ stands

blog080410 004(l to r) Jalapeno, Hungarian and Serrano peppers at Beylik’s stand indicate that summer is here and the heat is on

blog080410 005(front to back) Singua – the long, ribbed squash/melon vegetable tastes like okra.  Peel and stir fry.  Bumpy, spiky bitter melon is cooked the same way.  At Fresno Evergreen; alternating Wednesdays  and Pico Santa Monica

blog080410 006Tomatillos from Windrose Farm – roast and puree for delicious salsa

blog080410 007Shishito grilling peppers – grill or roast whole and eat off the stem.  One in a dozen is fiery hot.  Windrose Farm

blog080410 008Shopping cart envy