What’s Fresh at the Farmers Market

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Every Laura Avery, Market Manager at the Santa Monica Farmers Market and host of Good Food’s “Market Report,” posts photos of what’s fresh at the market.

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Green apricots from Briar Patch.  These are used to make a traditional Japenese drink called Umeshu by immersing them in grain alcohol or vodka for 3 – 4 months then pouring the liquid over ice and adding sparkling water.  Wednesday Santa Monica; Saturday Torrance; Sunday Alhambra

blog051210 002Orange “Cheddar” cauliflower splits when the heads get large, purple “Graffiti” cauliflower is a water-guzzler; white cauliflower is for contrast.  Two Peas In A Pod Wednesday Santa Monica

blog051210 003Dense, creamy summer squash “cocozelle”  an heirloom Italian squash from Jaime Farm at many markets