What’s Fresh at the Farmers Market this Week

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sep92010 001Hibiscus plants from Casablanca Nursery Wednesday Santa Monica come in several colors and can be grown indoors or out.  They can be pruned and kept in a pot or planted in the ground.    Only $7.25 per plant
sep92010 002Tomatillos for salsa – so easy and good.  Roast till charred and soft, then puree with onion, garlic, peppers.  In season at many stands
sep92010 003Bananas from Friends Ranch. Wednesday Santa Monica, Saturday Gardena.  They ripen slowly on the stalk or individually.
sep92010 004Pineapple quince from Mud Creek Ranch. Wednesday Santa Monica, Saturday Ojai.  Cooked into a jelly like paste, they are delicious with salty cheese.  An ancient fruit, largely forgotten.
sep92010 005The Reedley Medfly – the one that got away. We’ll need more than nets to stop this one!! Ron Cornelson, (Honey Crisp) likes to keep it around to shake up the inspectors.
sep92010 006Sam Baxter, sous chef at Providence with cilantro flowers at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market
sep92010 007Vinny Dotolo from Animal talks tomatoes with farmer Mark Carpenter