What’s Fresh at the Farmers Market This Week

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Cherimoyas – bumpy skinned sub tropical fruit with sweet white flesh and several seeds.  Eat when soft to touch like a ripe avocado.

Peacock kale and curly red mustard look beautiful in the morning sunlight.  Both tasty greens can be cooked and eaten as a salad or accompaniment to main dishes from pasta to lamb.  Coleman Family Farm: Wednesday Santa Monica

Perfect heads of Little Gem lettuce are a restaurant favorite because their presentation is so cute.  Coleman Family Farm

Patrick from Carlsbad Aquafarm shucks oysters for snacking at the stand up oyster bar.  Wednesday, Saturday Santa Monica; Sunday Hollywood

One of the Blonde oysters ready to eat off the shell.  Carlsbad Aquafarm brings two or three varieties each week, along with mussels and clams, all sustainably farmed in open waters.

Green tomatoes from Wong farms are good for frying.  Wednesday Santa Monica – more locations as the tomatoes continue to ripen