What’s Fresh at the Farmers Market This Week

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Japanese Radish (Shunkyo) is a winter specialty from Rutiz Farm.  Wednesday Santa Monica.

Stinging nettles from Flora Bella Farm.  Leaves should be handled with gloves but the sting disappears when cooked.  Good in soup, stir fry, tea and for juice.  It is a green with an earthy flavor.

What’s in bloom – early apple blossoms from Windrose Farm in Paso Robles make beautiful floral arrangements.

Camarosa strawberries produce early in spite of cold weather and rain – it’s what they were bred for.  Tamai Farm

Donato Poto from Providence and Josiah Citrin from Melisse enjoying the bumper crop of California Coastal Oak chanterelles from Rutiz Farm.  Also available at Tutti Frutti, Green and Trevino farms.  Cold, wet weather make ideal growing conditions for these delicate, buttery mushrooms.

New Zealand spinach from Rutiz Farm.  Pick the leaves and chop the stem so the greens cook evenly.  Delicious, earthy flavor.