What’s Fresh at the Farmers Market This Week

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Laura Avery is the market manager for the Santa Monica Farmers Market and host of Good Food’s Market Report.

blog051910 002French green beans – tiny haricots verts – from Harry’s Berries.  Expensive and oh so tasty and tender.  At many area markets

blog051910 003Long beans from Xiong Pao Her.  Slightly nutty flavor, delicious and crisp when lightly cooked.  Wednesday Santa Monica; Saturday Santa Barbara; Sunday Santa Clarita

blog051910 004Garlic pods – from the garlic flower – spicy garlic taste and a beautiful presentation. Xiong Pao Her

blog051910 005Queen Anne cherries are crisp and sweet.  Murray Family Farm, Wednesday Santa Monica; Tuesday Torrance; Sunday Hollywood

blog051910 006Cilantro flowers – make lovely floral arrangements and are still useful as herbs.  Coleman Farm, Wednesday, Saturday Santa Monica

blog051910 007Mini calla lilies and fresh lavender adorn McGrath Family Farm’s table, Wednesday Santa Monica