What’s Fresh at the Farmers Market This Week

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The earliest cherries of the season are the Sequoias from Arvin (south of Bakersfield) a variety bred for warmer climates and early production.  It is a sweet crunchy cherry that will improve throughout the season, with more varieties to follow from further north.  Vickie and Steve Murray from Murray Family Farms; Wednesday Santa Monica, Saturday Santa Barbara, Torrance.

Cherry tomatoes!

Red and gold cherry tomatoes from the Imperial Valley from Tamai Farm.  Wednesday, Saturday, Pico Santa Monica; other area markets.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers also get an early start in the Imperial Valley heat.  Tamai Farm.


Charlotte totes a big bunch of flowers while Mom finishes shopping.

La Botte

Stefano De Lorenzo, owner of La Botte restaurant in Santa Monica shops at the Wednesday market.