Wheat Grass, Spigorello, Turnips and More

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Laura Avery is the market manager for the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market.  Each week, she interviews farmers and chefs for Good Food’s Market Report.  She also files a weekly blog post:

Tepary BeansYellow and white tepary beans from Windrose Farm.  These are heirloom beans indigenous to North America.  They remain firm when cooked, but can be mashed to make a delicious puree, or can be added to soups, stews and as a side dish.  Wednesday Santa Monica

Broccoli Spirarello

Spigorello – a hardy broccoli-like green that is delicious steamed, boiled or stir fried.  Cook as you would collard greens.  Coleman Farm: Wednesday, Saturday Santa Monica; Saturday Santa Barbara

Kitty Grass“Kitty Grass” or wheat grass is loaded with chlorophyll and can be juiced into healthful shooters, which are also available at the market.  And cats love to chew on it, too.

Baby TurnipsBaby turnips can be roasted whole, or steamed, braised.   Flora Bella Farm, other farms at many markets.

Cauliflower and KaleBright white winter cauliflower and curly kale, two hardy winter staples.  Tutti Frutti Farm and other farms at markets

KumquatsSweet, round Meiwa kumquats do not have sour flesh like the ovoid varieties.  A delicious treat eaten whole or cut up in salads, cocktails and marinades.  Garcia Organic Farm – Wednesday, Saturday Santa Monica