Where Jonathan Gold Thinks You Should Eat This Weekend in the SGV: Awu Delicious Food

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Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer of the Los Angeles Times. This week he reviews Awu Delicious Food, a new high-end Henan restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley where they’re serving koi jello, “a chilled concoction of jellied pigskin molded into the shape of a swimming fish.”

clamshell awu delicious food

Jonathan recommends the Koi jello; steamed, sliced pork with preserved mustard; sautéed clear noodles; mashed eggplant with garlic; scalded spinach; boiled tripe; oxtail with peanuts; garlic smoked lamb chops with cumin; Taichi soup; pan-fried beef buns.

Awu Delicious Food

558 Las Tunas Dr


(626) 217-3612

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lamb awu delicious food

All images courtesy of Awu Delicious Food.