Where to Eat This Weekend in Los Angeles: Chego

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Chubby Pork Belly with kochujang-glazed pork belly, fried egg, pickled radish, water spinach, Chinese broccoli, cotija and peanuts. Photo: LA Times

Roy Choi recently relocated his westside rice bowl concept Chego to Chinatown. The new digs once belonged to the original Mandarin Deli where Angeleno’s were first introduced to hand pulled noodles in the 1970’s. Jonathan Gold is a fan of Choi’s enormous flavor-bomb rice bowls. He recommends the sour cream hen house bowl, kung pao noodle bowl, ooey gooey fries and the squish and destroy sandwich.


727 N Broadway

Unit 117


(323) 380-8680

Hear Jonathan’s review of Chego below:

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