Where to find California grown rhubarb in Southern California farmers markets

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This week on the Market Report, David Karp details the history of California rhubarb. It’s rare to see the crimson stalks at Southern California markets these days and for good reason. Today there are only FOUR acres of rhubarb cultivation in the entire state of California. That’s down from over 1,300 acres at the vegetable’s peak in the 1930’s. Did you notice I said vegetable? Horticulturally rhubarb is indeed a vegetable, but culinarily you are more apt to find it listed as a fruit. For more on the history listen to David tomorrow on the market report and read his Market Watch column.

My favorite rhubarb preparation is this impossibly easy recipe for Rhubarb Compote from Melissa Clark of the New York Times. Below is a video of Melissa making the compote.

Find out where to buy locally grown rhubarb after the jump…

Laney Villalobos of Valley Center (Downtown Santa Monica market on Saturday)

Trevino Farms of Lompoc (Downtown Santa Monica on Wednesday, Virginia Park on Saturdays and at the Studio City market)

Stehly Farms of Valley Center (Torrance on Tuesday and Saturday, Irvine on Saturday, Pales Verdes markets)

Carol Thys of Fallbrook (Torrance market every other week)

Darold McCrary of Ventura (Darold grows an ancient variety called Victoria rhubarb at the Hollywood Sunday market year round)

Patricia Davenport of Newport Acre Farm  (Long Beach Southeast market)

Rose Wisuri (Camarillo market)