Winners and Photos of the Third Annual Good Food Pie Contest!

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Photo: Salvador Farfan,

The Third Annual Good Food Pie Contest was a roaring success.  Sixteen judges judged almost 200 pies in the Fruit, Nut, Cream, Savory and Tim Burton inspired categories and the contestants served their pies to an enormous crowd in the courtyard of LACMA.  Judges’ favorites included a savory Persian Tart and a traditional Banana Cream Pie, but the hands down winner was Stephanie Shaiken who made a Classic Apple Pie.  Stephanie won first place in the Fruit category and also won Best in Show.  If you didn’t get a taste of Stephanie’s Classic Apple Pie on Sunday you can find her pies here.

Photo: Salvador Farfan,

We’ll be posting photos and recipes from some of the winners this week on the Good Food blog.  A complete list of winners is below…

Photo: Salvador Farfan,

Stephanie Shaiken – Classic Apple Pie

1. Stephanie Shaiken – Classic Apple Pie
2. Sam Robinson – Peach Blueberry Crumble
3. Jessica Kubel – Apple Cranberry

1. Stuart Faber – Pecan Toffee Pie
2. Kristin Anderson – Marcona Almond Pie
3. Claudia Guevara – Pecan Pie

1. Sandra Nuzzolilo – Banana Cream Pie
2. Morgan Simons – Banana Nutella Cream Pie
3. Linnea Weaver – Max’s Cheese Pie

1. Terry Sweeney – Persian Tart
2. Jennifer Wang – Tomato Pie
3. Marla Cusack – Zucchini Pecorino Pie

1. Emily Baker – “James and the Giant Peach” Pie
2. Bobbie Chi – Blueberry Pie for Tim Burton
3. Gretchen Getz – Chocolate Chess Pie